Emperor Harrington

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Emperor Harrington

A member of the Imperial Court of New York since 2012, I was elected Emperor XXVI and reign from April 2017 - 2018. At the end of Reign 26, together with our Membership and Community we raised over $94,000.00. As a member of the ICNY, I take great pride in the Awards and Recognitions I have received,  Recipient of the International Double Eagle Award, Recipient of the International Order of Emperor 1 Gregg Luccio, Member of the International Privy Council to Queen Mother Nicole The Great, General Council of the Eastern Courts, Imperial Grandson to Queen Mother Nicole The Great, and Honorary Citizen of San Diego.


A Celebrity Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist since 1987. I have studied in Costa Rica, Spain, England and the United States. A native Costa Rican, but now resides in New York with my husband Billy Wood-Bastos. I have worked with some of the most prestigious cosmetics companies in the world such as NARS and MAC, as the lead trainer for the East Coast of the United States.I have also been a Consultant and Judge for National and International Beauty Pageants such as Miss Costa Rica, Miss World, Model of the World and Universal ShowQueen Pageant in Hawaii. I have worked with Reality Series Personalities on TV and with International Recording Artist suchas Reina, Veronica, Expose, LeChic and Robin S. In the Fashion World I have had the honor of working with Richie Rich, Luka Luka and Ermenegildo Zegna.


This year in Costa Rica I received the most prestigious Award given to someone in the LGBTQ Community,

The 2018 Pride Award for "Figure of the Year", for my work in the United States and Costa Rica bringing awareness and fundraising for the LGBTQ Communities.