Empress Miss Drew

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Empress Miss Drew

The All That Glitters is Gold and Silver Dragonfly, Empress 16, 25, 26 and Topaz Trinity Monarch to the 23rd reign  Empress Miss Drew from The Waterfall Empire of Hamilton, Niagara and the Tri-Cities. A.K.A Bradley Hamacher. Bradley’s involvement with the Rainbow community began in June of 1996 with the conception of the first Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridges Pride March and Picnic. Tri-Pride was born! It was here that Bradley found his passion for fundraising and creating opportunities for others in the community all while enjoying his love for the arts. The launch of his Drag career brought much excitement and new ways to bring communities together. He is proud that many of the idea started 25 years ago to benefit agencies like The AIDS Committee of Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge have turned into noble traditions that we still carry on today.

In the late 90’s Bradley  worked with The University of Waterloo on creating a safe place for their LGBTQ2+ students. The endeavor has now blossomed out to the creation of a Drag Club. The group choses a different Charity each year to work with through their semester. In 2007 Miss Drew was introduced, welcomed and embraced to The Court system family. It was there when he enjoyed the pleasure of belonging, fellowship and camaraderie. Bradley’s 16 years with the Organization has allowed him to work with the most dedicated, hardworking Volunteers putting so much effort for our charities. The Waterfall Empire is an ever growing and evolving home to so many.

Miss Drew was witness to many of those enhancements whether it be 11 terms on the Executive council, multiple times as a Reigning Monarch or working with the team to develop new and fun ways to connect to our community and membership during these Covid-19 times.

Miss Drew looks forward to her next Imperial chapter as Heir apparent to Queen Mother of the Americas Nicole the Great and serving on the Imperial Court Council with Maple leaf in hand.