Empress Nina Tron

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Empress Nina Tron

I began my ICS journey in 1990 with The Dogwood Monarchist Society in my hometown of Vancouver B.C., the Mother Court  of Canada.  Over the year's I held many different lower house titles as well as various positions on the Board of Directors .  In 2001 I was elected Miss Gay Vancouver XX. It was a great year definitely a learning experience. That year I attended the Jose Honors at The Coast Plaza Hotel in Vancouver B.C.  Where I had the distinct pleasure of meeting our founder Jose and our now Queen Mother 1 Nicole the Great. I was so inspired hearing them speak and watching how José addressed the audience referring to us as her children,  it was an absolutely moving experience.  I decided then and there I was one day going to become a Empress. After my step down as Miss Gay Vancouver.  I moved from my birth place and went over the Rocky Mountains to the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta.

Since moving to Calgary I have had the  worked on various board of directors including Pride Calgary,  The Rainbow Lamda Society and The Imperial Court of the Chinook Arch. I found that I was always helping others to achieve their goals of becoming a Monarch and always supported every reign. But I  myself still wasn't a Empress. So after many years of assisting others with their goals. I threw my hat in the ring and following a grueling campaign against four other candidates I was crowned Empress XXXII of Calgary and all of Southern Alberta. It was such a fulfilling experience. At our step down we presented the first College Bursary. Which I am proud to say we still continue today, only now we have three to five students receiving bursaries each year.  Since my step down as Empress I have proudly served on our Board of Directors in the position director for 3  years and then as President for 2 years.  After my second term as President I received the Lifetime Achievement Award and was appointed as a Trustee of our Organization. I took a much deserved year long  break, then returned to the board to serve as President over the last 4 years.

I am proud to serve my community and the International Court Council as a Heir to our Queen Mother I Nicole the Great.

Long live the Monarchy

Empress XXXII of the ISCCA

Nina Tron