Empress Tiger Lily

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Empress TigerLily
(Andrew Yee)

San Francisco, CA

Phone: 415-823-4962
Email: pettycashcincy@gmail.com

995 Purdue Street

San Leandro, CA

Absolute Empress 40 Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily has been involved with the San Francisco Imperial Court since 1994. In the past Tiger Lily had run for Miss Gay San Francisco three times and have ran for Empress three times, finally being honored to be the 40th Elected Empress of San Francisco in 2005.  Tiger Lily was also elected as the 24th Grand Duchess of San Francisco as well a Miss Bay Area Rodeo in 2000 and again in 2010. Tiger Lily is also a member of Mamma’s leather family as well as a member of San Francisco Bears and to this day continue to work with and raise money for many of our great organizations around San Francisco like GAPA and API Wellness Center.

Tiger Lily is currently working hard to revive the Alameda Ducal Council. Under her leadership as Chairman of the Board she has worked hard with the community to ensure that the Alameda Ducals are making a positive impact and has been instrumental in putting into place sound business practices and ensuing that the Alameda Ducal court will survive and thrive.

Tiger Lily still maintains the role of mentor and advisor to the next generation of aspiring Empresses of San Francisco and has been a dedicated to seeing that San Francisco Imperial court will continue to serve the community for the next 50 year.

Tiger Lily is married to her partner Nathan Page who is also active in the court system and the two of them have been together for the past 14 years.