Mayor Linda Gorton of Lexington, KY joins the National Letter Writing Campaign for the LGBTQ+ Heroes Stamps


June 11, 2021

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee C/O Stamp Development
U.S. Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300 Washington, DC 20260-3501

To Whom It May Concern,


I write you today to fully support the creation of stamps to honor founder of the International Court System Jose Julio Sarria, Latina civil rights pioneer Sylvia Rivera, and trailblazer in diversity and gender identity Marsha P. Johnson.

As a Lexington Councilmember, Vice Mayor, and now Mayor, I have been proud to proactively support our LGBTQ residents – passing Kentucky’s first countywide Fairness Ordinance protecting the LGBTQ community from employment, housing and public accommodation discrimination, sponsoring domestic partner benefits for City employees, and working with our Council to pass a recent ban on conversion therapy, protecting Lexington’s youth from this potentially harmful practice. I support and honor our LGBTQ community and the many ways they make Lexington, Kentucky, the nation and world better.

I find it appropriate to develop a postage stamp honoring each of the aforementioned individuals. Jose Julio Sarria was a trailblazer – the first openly gay candidate for public office and founder of the International Court System, which serves the LGBTQ community in so many ways.

Sylvia Rivera stood up to authorities as a veteran of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. She was a dedicated activist, fighting for those who were left behind as the gay rights movement became mainstream.

Marsha P. Johnson formed an organization offering shelter and support to the transgender community. Along with Sylvia, Marsha was a prominent figure of the Stonewall Riots. She left behind a legacy of supporting our black transgender residents.

With this knowledge, these three individuals deserve the same recognition bestowed upon Harvey Milk with a postage stamp in their honor. I support the International Court System and National LGBTQ+ Taskforce LGBTQ+ Heroes Stamp Campaign.


Linda Gorton Mayor

CC: Nicole Murray Ramirez; John Carrillo; Nicole Diamond

ICK Stamp Support Letter 2021


The titular head of the International Imperial Court System, Her most Imperial and Sovereign Majesty, The Queen Mother I of the Americas Empress Nicole the Great, after much consultation and advice, Her Majesty presents the 12 nobles in the official line of succession.
1. Emperor Robert Surreall -Spokane
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2. Emperor John Carrillo -San Francisco
Empress Jaylene Tyme -Vancouver
3. Emperor John Ribson -Hamilton Ontario
 Empress Helen Twelvetrees -Las Vegas

4. Emperor Larry -Reno
Empress Danielle -Hawaii
5. Emperor Sir Steve – Ohio
Empress Reba Macenwhat – Boise
6. Emperor Rudy -Washington D.C.
Empress Barbie -Florida
7. Emperor Peter Storm -Washington
Empress Karina -Los Angels 
8. Emperor Carmine – Boise
Empress Destiny – Washington D.C.
9. Emperor Robert – Fort Worth
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10. Emperor Russell – San Diego
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11. Emperor Scott – Chicago
Empress Miss Drew – Ontario
12. Emperor Thomas – Buffalo
Empress Brooklyn – Cincinnati
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