21 August 2019
Almost 13 years ago, in the beautiful city of Seattle at their annual Coronation, our beloved founder, Absolute Empress 1 of San Francisco, Jose Julio Sarria crowned me her Heir and Successor and Queen Mother 1 of the Americas.
I then gave my first State of the Empire address, where I proclaimed that my successors would be elected by The International Imperial Court Council (IICC). I now have further proclaimed that now ALL courts will have the right to confirm or not confirm the vote of the ICC. Thus, Jose and I will be the last “anointed” Monarchs.
On February 8, 2020, at San Diego’s 43rd Coronation, I will crown my Royal Husband of State, Emperor 1 of the Americas, Terry Sidie, as KING FATHER 1 OF THE AMERICAS. Emperor Terry, is a beloved son of Jose, one who has served on her council and Heir in her line of succession. Terry is a man of integrity and principles. This title is given with honor, with my respect and love.
While I will remain as the sole HEAD OF STATE he will be accorded all the honors and respect he deserves as King Father. Thus my successors will be crowned as Queen Mother 2 and King FATHER 2 of the Americas.
You are all invited to the Regal State crowning of Emperor Terry Sidie on February 8, 2020
Empress Nicole the Great
P.O. Box 33915
San Diego, Ca 92163
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LGBTQ Wall of Honor in the Stonewall Inn

During many of my media interviews, I am asked about how I feel about leading very successful campaigns for a HARVEY MILK street, postage stamp, navy vessel, LGBTQ Wall of Honor in the Stonewall Inn, etc. I always pause and tell the reporter, that anyone with a dream or vision cannot make it a reality unless others believe in that vision. God has indeed blessed me with having met Jose Julio Sarria, who became my mentor and beloved mother. Who gave all of us this wonderful Imperial Court System. Who gave me a FAMILY and so many friends for life. Anything I may have and will continue to accomplish is because so many of you have believed in me and supported me. I know I have faltered and made mistakes, but never doubt my love for our court system, the LGBTQ Community, our allies, family and friends. When Jose made me her Heir and successor, I made her some promises and commitments. I WILL fulfill them. To those who oppose my reign and I know will continue to attack me……so be it….as you can always tell LGBTQ leaders by the arrows in their backs. I will continue to focus on getting Jose into the California Hall of Fame. Working on ceremonies for the USNS HARVEY MILK and other projects, including a SAN DIEGO AIDS MEMORIAL and getting my son elected Mayor of San Diego, as well as so much more.

It’s one in the morning in New York as I write this and I am so grateful for OUR accomplishment with this historic wall. My heart is full and I wish God’s blessings on ALL OF YOU!

Queen Mother 1 of the Americas,

Empress Nicole the Great

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Color Lines



Empress Nicole the Great,
Queen Mother I of the Americas
U.S.A. Canada Mexico

Forescore and 12 years ago….yes 12 years ago, I and 30 San Diegans along with Nobles from across Canada, Mexico and the United States gathered in this the beautiful city of Seattle, in the great State of Washington, to witness our beloved founder, Empress I Jose, crown me the Queen Mother of the Americas.
Today has been a very emotional one for me, as with many of you, I miss Jose very much. Jose was a proud World War II Veteran: would the Veterans and active military who are with us tonght please stand so we can acknowledge your outstanding service to our great Nations.

54 years ago, a royal seed was planted in San Francisco, that grew into a noble oak tree, with branches in the three great nations of Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico that now extends into 70 cities. We are proud that Canada is one of these great nations and indeed is the greatest when it comes to recognizing and protecting the civil rights of all its people. This year, the great nation of Canada will be observing the 50th anniversary of the signing of the first homosexual civil rights legislation in North America. We salute and remember Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and commend his son Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Indeed we say to you all, our Canadian Nobles, you honor us with your presence.
You….We….the International Imperial Court System has indeed accomplished a proud, productive record these last years! Organizing and leading the very successful campaigns that resulted in the first postage stamp in honor of a gay Civil Rights leader, Harvey Milk and the first naval ship, the USNS Harvey Milk, that will be built and dedicated in San Diego. You….Together….We did this.
We established the first Canadian Royal Medals, one honoring the First Empress of All Canada, Mr. ted northe. We have contributed thousands of dollars to Eagale, Canada.
Together, we have raised in the last 12 years, over $235,000.00 for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the Erase the Hate Campaign.
Within hours of my crowning, we established the first non-discriminating policy for our court system and a zero-tolerance on Court Chapters financial mismanagement or embezzlements.
We have honored Canadian members of Parliament. Our court system has been present at Marches on Washington/White House and Creating Change Conferences. We have honored heroes from Lady Gaga to U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. We the Courts of Canada and the U.S.A. have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit the poor, the GLBT, and AIDS communities in Mexico. And recently, donated over $10,000 to help the 100 GLBT refugees fleeing from their countries in Latin America, encamped at our borders. The list is endless of our accomplishments!
These last 12 years my leadership has, at times, been controversial. And yes, at times, I have faltered and disappointed many of you. I am not perfect and hopefully God is not through with me yet.
I once again, extend my hand in friendship and peace to those I have offended. It is not easy being in this position as the titular leader of our International Imperial Court System. As I have said, “You can tell the gay pioneers and leaders by the arrows in their backs.”
These are indeed challenging times for our GLBT community. We are indeed a global community with No Borders.
And now, more than ever, we must rise up and recognize that our Transgender Brothers and Sisters are under attack. We must….we will, make this attempt to “erase” them one of our top priorities.

Thus, on this day, I officially proclaim 2019 as the Year of Trans Empowerment, Visibility & Awareness in All Realms of the International Imperial Court System.

I also proclaim, that in 2019, the International Imperial Court System will recognize and honor at each coronation the 1st Nations and Native Americans whose lands we took.

I also, on this day, proclaim that my successors and Heirs will be obligated and must attend four Canadian Coronations a year.

And though I cannot proclaim it, it is my wish that a Canadian and also a woman Monarch be Crowned King Father or Queen Mother within the next 3 reigns.

I, on this day, also officially proclaim that the Eagle, the Imperial Double Eagle, will be the permant symbol of all King Fathers and Queen Mothers in honor of our beloved founder and the Mother and founding Court of US ALL: Absolute Empress I Jose of San Francisco.

On this day, I futher officially proclaim and with the vote of the International Imperial Court Council, that all future King Father/Queen Mothers will have a term limit of 3-5 years.

I further proclaim, that every two years, our court system will gather together for an International Courts Conference.

And let it be known to All Nobles, that in honor and in celebration, next year, 2020 the 55th Anniversary of our court system, a history book will be published and distributed by the International Imperial Court Council.

And futher more, in a salute to our court chapters and in recognition of our growing GLBT Youth and Queer Membership, on next years 55th Anniversary, I as the founder of the international Jose Julio Sarria Scholarship Program I will be calling upon the Council to grant $55,000.00 in matching grants to ALL courts who have Student Scholarship Programs with a respective amount going to our 10 Canadian Courts.

As many of you know, I started this, my 12th Anniversary day at 5:30 am with a visit to the 87 year old Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, with Emperor Leandro of San Francisco and Crown Princess of the Americas Bette Pages of Denver, where we fed the homeless and thus reminded me that I am but a servant to the crown the people.

In closing, it has been my most sincere honor and privilege to reign these last 12 years. For this old Mexican queen to Reign as your Queen Mother.

You are indeed my family. God has blessed me to be the recipient of one of the greatest gifts that our International Imperial Court System bestows on each and everyone of us: Friendships that are made for life….
As my health, as many of you know, is and will continue to be failing and my head becomes more like a bobble head doll, be assured that I will do my duty and promise to you all, that I will assess my abilities seriously each month.
Now I say to you all:

“Do Not Walk Behind Me….
Do Not Walk in Front of Me….
Let Us All Walk Side By Side and Continue Our Decades of Noble Deeds.”

God Bless Jose
God Bless You All !!!!!

P.O. Box 33915
San Diego, Ca 92163

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President’s Attack On Trans Americans Makes Building “National LGBT Network U.S.A.“ A Priority

July 26, 2017

After the National Women’s March on Washington I announced that the International Imperial Court Council was going to establish a civil rights arm of our International Imperial Court System: The National LGBT Network U.S.A. Some of you responded positively, a vast majority were silent and had no opinion. A “leader” can only lead an organization if its membership supports his policies and ideas. As I said after the November election last year, the next four years will be a battle with this administration when it comes to our GLBT civil rights.

 Now is the time for the American membership of our court system to help us build this civil rights arm of our international organization. Working together we have accomplished the issuance of a U.S. Postage Stamp and the first U.S. Naval vessel in honor of a gay American citizen. We reside in over 25 states and the District of Columbia. We have proven that we can make a difference and can contribute to the GLBT fight for equality.

Transgender people have served in the military around the world since 1974, with the Netherlands being the first country to implement such a policy. There are now about 19 countries that allow transgender people to serve in the military.

It is estimated that 7,000 to 15,000 Trans Americans currently serve the United States of America and there are thousands of Trans veterans. The president stated that Trans in the military cost too much money for medical costs. The president lied again. The cost for Trans military is estimated at two to eight million dollars a year, while our military spends over $41 million on Viagra pills!! The United Sates has even spent over $28 million on uniforms for the Afghan army!!!

Today has been a very busy one for me as not only on conference call all day with national GLBT leaders, but counseling and trying to calm down dozens of Trans military personnel stationed in San Diego, many of whom came out during the Obama administration.

My commitment to all of you is to make the establishment and launching of our National GLBT Network U.S.A.” a top priority, but I cannot do it alone. Will you join me? Will you help the I.C.C. build this civil rights arm of our organization?

Now more than ever it is time that we ALL get involved in our continuing fight for our equality it the last American civil rights movement of the 21st century!


Nicole Murray Ramirez

Queen Mother I of the Americas

If you are interested in becoming involved in the National GLBT NETWORK U.S.A. contact me:

P.O. Box 3395 San Diego, CA 92162

(619) 241-5672

I am also proud to announcement this weekend the National GLBT NETWORK U.S.A. announced a $500 grant for the legal fees of San Childers-Gray and Angie Rice of Utah, who are challenging a ruling by a state judge who denied a legal sex designation.

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Queen Mother I, Nicole, Names Her Royal Husband

In 1971, the first Emperor within the International Imperial Court System was crowned in Long Beach, California by our beloved founder, Empress Jose…He was Emperor 1, Gregg Lucio. This past Saturday, Queen Mother 1, Nicole, returned to Long Beach to unveil the new “International Royal Order of Emperor 1 Gregg Lucio” award. This is to be presented to Royal male titleholders of the International Imperial Court System, from Emperors and Princes to Lords and Counts.

Queen Mother 1, Nicole, after a 10 year reign as a virgin Monarch has decided to take a Royal husband. In Long Beach, California, Her Majesty officially named her new Royal Husband, “Emperor 1 of the Americas, Terry Sidie” of Sacramento, California. The Queen Mother commands all her loyal subjects, that Emperor 1 of the Americas, Terry Sidie be accorded all rights, privileges and respect of this esteemed title and position. The official crowning and investiture of Emperor 1, Terry Sidie will take place during Reno’s Coronation on 17 June 2017, in Reno, Nevada.

As High Chancellor to Her Majesty, it is my hope that you will all join me in sending congratulations and salutations to our new Emperor 1 of the Americas, Terry Sidie.

As Reported by,

Bobby Childers

High Chancellor to Queen Mother 1, Nicole the Great