Emperor Ray Barns

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Emperor Ray Barnes

Ray Byars

Emperor 18

Amethyst  Pegasus  Emperor

United Court of the Lone Star Empire of Dallas, Texas

In 1989 I started the Court System ,  1992, I step up as Emperor 18 of The United Court Of The Lone Star Empire, Dallas, Texas. The Pegasus Emperor, My step up I the honor Of Mother Jose and Nicole The Great.   October of 1993 my stepping down; I had the honor again of Mother Jose and Nicole The Great.

I have been in the Medicaid field for over 35 years.  Currently I am a License Vocational Nurse.   I have 2 other siblings .   I had both of my parents since their marriage of 1953; until their death of 2017 (Mother) 2018 (Father).   My family is very supportive of me.  I feel blessed.   I have a strong faith of Christianity…