Empress Ladie Chablis

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Empress Ladie Chablis

My name is Howard Russell aka Ladie Chablis Empress 49 of the court of Seattle. I writing this letter to support my consideration for the position of International Court Council. The past couple years I have wanted to become more than just an active member of the organization, Title holder or board member. I’ve really wanted to take my participation further and volunteer my time to assist the Court system nationally.  I feel as a Court Council is a great way I can use my skills to help continue to provide growth for the organization and an active advocate for our community. I want to help make this organization truly one of the best in the country.


In the past, I have coordinated numerous fundraisers, weddings, or event parties for the following organizations or companies:


-AHF (AIDS Health Foundation)

- Rise n Shine

- Brother to Brother


- Verizon Wireless

- R Place


For the past 8 years, I have worked with Rise N Shine an organization that works with children infected with HIV/AIDS or someone in their family.  Each year, children infected submit a Christmas wish list to the organization.  I have worked with the organization to put together a fundraising event to make sure each child had the best Christmas and received as much, if not everything, they asked for on their wish list. The fundraiser starts the day after Thanksgiving and lasts till the week before Christmas.


For the past few years, I worked with an organization called Brother to Brother.  I worked putting together a weekend event every year that focuses directly on men of color with health issues, education and life struggles, and more recently political issues. My responsibilities would be to put together workshops and find speakers for panel discussions both of which focus directly on those issues outlined above.


My life I have always tried to give back to my community and throughout volunteering, or putting on events that help support an organization’s mission in the community.  I greatly appreciate your consideration of me to be a candidate for the position.  I know I can be a great asset to the community at large.


Sincerely yours,


Howard Russell aka Ladie Chablis Empress 49 for the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle