Kevin Smith

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole The Great
Council Member

Emperor Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith Bio

I have been involved and serving the Fort Worth LGBTQ community for the last 27 years helping the various organizations, clubs, and charities.  I became acquainted with the Imperial Court de Fort Worth/ Arlington and began my journey with them 26 years ago.

I was honored to be elected in 2004 as Emperor XXV and serve my community in a greater capacity.  During this reign we were able to assist with moving a housing group called Samaritan House, this housing group helps and takes care of people that are affected with HIV and have no place to go.  I am so proud that as of today, the ICFWA still provides supper to Samaritan house once a month and I am still involved with them personally.

In addition, I have served my court as Treasurer, Board Member, and Board of Directors President and Dean of the College of Monarchs’. I am active in my community with various charities involving our youth and PREP distribution.

I believe that we must also adapt to the changes in our community to meet our present day needs within our community and attract new and younger membership to sustain our courts and community.

I have been blessed in my Court career, meeting and working with so many great people. I am honored to say that I had the opportunity to know our Benevolent Founder Empress 1, Jose, The Widow Norton.  I can remember sitting and having many conversations with her and listening to her tales, stories, and history she would share with us.

I am very honored for the opportunity to serve the International Court Council as an Heir Apparent and will serve in any capacity I can.