LGBTQ Wall of Honor in the Stonewall Inn

During many of my media interviews, I am asked about how I feel about leading very successful campaigns for a HARVEY MILK street, postage stamp, navy vessel, LGBTQ Wall of Honor in the Stonewall Inn, etc. I always pause and tell the reporter, that anyone with a dream or vision cannot make it a reality unless others believe in that vision. God has indeed blessed me with having met Jose Julio Sarria, who became my mentor and beloved mother. Who gave all of us this wonderful Imperial Court System. Who gave me a FAMILY and so many friends for life. Anything I may have and will continue to accomplish is because so many of you have believed in me and supported me. I know I have faltered and made mistakes, but never doubt my love for our court system, the LGBTQ Community, our allies, family and friends. When Jose made me her Heir and successor, I made her some promises and commitments. I WILL fulfill them. To those who oppose my reign and I know will continue to attack me……so be it….as you can always tell LGBTQ leaders by the arrows in their backs. I will continue to focus on getting Jose into the California Hall of Fame. Working on ceremonies for the USNS HARVEY MILK and other projects, including a SAN DIEGO AIDS MEMORIAL and getting my son elected Mayor of San Diego, as well as so much more.

It’s one in the morning in New York as I write this and I am so grateful for OUR accomplishment with this historic wall. My heart is full and I wish God’s blessings on ALL OF YOU!

Queen Mother 1 of the Americas,

Empress Nicole the Great

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