Official Announcement from Queen Mother 1 of the America’s Nicole the Great and the International Court Council 2020

Official Imperial Announcement of the Imperial Monarchy of the International Imperial Court System, of Canada, the United States, & Mexico.

2020 will be the 55th anniversary of the crowning of our beloved founder Empress1 Jose in San Francisco.

As I have said many times from a seed planted in San Francisco by Empress Jose and nurtured by the Imperial Family of San Francisco it grew into a Royal Oak tree that now has branches in 70 cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico

I am very happy to announce that the 15th Jose Honors will be held in Washington DC. For more information please contact Empress Nicole Diamond or Empress Destiny B. Childs

This being the 55th Anniversary of Jose Crowning and thus the beginning of the International Court System we have many plans to commemorate this historic occasion with a professional public relations campaign to the International LGBTQ2S+ media.

 In the United States, our priority focus will be the 2020 elections promoting registering to vote and Focusing on GET OUT THE VOTE (Chaired by Baron Nathan Page)

We will also be working to build stronger and more productive ties with our Canadian Courts.  

We will be working on the 2 future ceremonies regarding the USNS Harvey Milk and involving active and LGBTQ2S+ veterans (Chaired by Navy Veteran Rudy, and CPO Duncan Stewart)

I am also happy to announce to be promoting the International GAYLA Dog Shows to benefit the local Chapters and the Dogtopia Foundation (Chaired by Robert Buckner & Ginger Sparkles B Childs Dennis)

I am happy to report that things are moving right on track with the History Book “55 Years of Noble Deeds” (Chaired By Bettie Pages)

I am happy to announce that we will be Producing and International Nobles Coloring Book (Chaired by Empress Cookie B Childs & Empress Esmeralda Kane Jaymes)

There will be other exciting projects that the International Imperial Court Council will be announcing and working on which will be revealed at my 13th annual State of the Empire Address in Seattle, WA.

The International Court System will also have a booth at the annual Creating Change conference in Dallas, TX in January. This conference attracts over 4000 LGBTQ2S+ leaders and activists.  I am pleased to announce I will be attendance and looking forward it.

I am pleased to announce that the Privy Council to the Queen Mother is being reorganized to be a more productive body. (Chaired by its new President Emperor Martin Rooney, Surrey, BC Canada)

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I am honored to be your Queen Mother.

And now presenting the Heir Apparent’s to Queen Mother 1 Of the America’s, Nicole The Great and members of the International Court Council

Now presenting 1st and 2nd of the Imperial Line Of Succession to the Queen Mother 1 of the America’s, Nicole The Great;

1st in Line – Emperor Rob Surreal & Empress Nicole Diamond

2nd in Line – Emperor John Carillo & Empress Jaylene Tyme

The Full Line of Succession will be announced in San Diego at the ICC meeting.

The official investiture, of her Majesties heirs and members of the International Court Council, will be held in San Diego Coronation weekend February 7th, 2020

Executive Council for 2020:

President: John Carrillo, San Francisco, CA

1st Vice President: Nicole Diamond, Lexington, KY

2nd Vice President: Jaylene Tyme, Vancouver, BC

Recording Secretary: Nathan Page, San Francisco, CA

Corresponding Secretary: Destiny B. Childs, Washington DC

Treasurer: Anni Coque l’Doo, Almeda Ducal

Minister of Women’s Affairs: Cookie B Childs, Washington DC

List of Hiers in Alphabetical Order –

Barbie LaChoy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Bobby Childers, Salt Lake City, UT (Chancellor to her Majesty Queen Mother)

Carmine Emilio Caruso, Boise, ID

Coco LaTique, Buffalo, NY           

Bettie Pages, Denver, CO

Danielle Logan, Hawaii

Darnelle of Wakanda, San Diego, CA

Esmeralda Kane Jaymes, San Antonio, TX

Freeda Bangkok, Cincinnati, OH

Helen Twelvetrees, Las Vegas, NV

Jason Dickson Vanderbilt, Toronto, ON

Jed Spedlove, Reno, NV              

Jerry Coletti Munro, San Francisco, CA

John Ribson, Toronto, ON

Just Jack, New York, NY

Karina Samala, Los Angeles, CA

Landa Lakes , San Francisco, CA

Larry Mastropierro, Reno, NV   

Logan Storm, Providence, RI

Lovely Jeff Janney, Ft Worth, TX

Mark Allen Surreal, Spokane, WA (Member @ Large)

Midori Ice, Las Vegas, NV            

Misha Rockafeller, Sacramento, CA / Portland, OR

Nina Tron, Calgary, AL   

Peter Storm, Bellingham, WA

Petty Cash, Cincinnati, OH

Ralph Farinella, Buffalo, NY

Reba Macenwhat, Boise, ID

Robert Buckner, Ft Worth, TX

Robert Haggard, Seattle, WA

Rad Ronda Peters Beaute , Seattle, WA

Rudy, Washington DC

Russel Roybal, San Diego, CA

Scot Fromeyer, Cincinnati, OH

Steve O, Ogden, UT

Stephen Dorsey, San Francisco, CA

Stephanie Paul, Denver, CO

Tempest Windz-Foxx, Ogden, UT

Thom Branscum, Buffalo, NY

Thomas Dollard, Corpus Cristi, TX

Tiger Lily, San Francisco, CA

Tree, New York, NY

Will Devo Kane-Jaymes, San Antonio, TX