Queen Mother I, Nicole, Names Her Royal Husband

In 1971, the first Emperor within the International Imperial Court System was crowned in Long Beach, California by our beloved founder, Empress Jose…He was Emperor 1, Gregg Lucio. This past Saturday, Queen Mother 1, Nicole, returned to Long Beach to unveil the new “International Royal Order of Emperor 1 Gregg Lucio” award. This is to be presented to Royal male titleholders of the International Imperial Court System, from Emperors and Princes to Lords and Counts.

Queen Mother 1, Nicole, after a 10 year reign as a virgin Monarch has decided to take a Royal husband. In Long Beach, California, Her Majesty officially named her new Royal Husband, “Emperor 1 of the Americas, Terry Sidie” of Sacramento, California. The Queen Mother commands all her loyal subjects, that Emperor 1 of the Americas, Terry Sidie be accorded all rights, privileges and respect of this esteemed title and position. The official crowning and investiture of Emperor 1, Terry Sidie will take place during Reno’s Coronation on 17 June 2017, in Reno, Nevada.

As High Chancellor to Her Majesty, it is my hope that you will all join me in sending congratulations and salutations to our new Emperor 1 of the Americas, Terry Sidie.

As Reported by,

Bobby Childers

High Chancellor to Queen Mother 1, Nicole the Great