Seattle, Washington
February 15, 2020
Empress Nicole The Great
Queen Mother I of the Americas
Canada, United States, Mexico

It is my deep and most sincere honor to be once again in beautiful Seattle, Washington.  Fourteen years ago our beloved founder, my royal mother and mentor, Absolute Empress I of San Francisco announced in Reno, Nevada that she would be stepping down from her position as the Titular Head of the International Imperial Court System effective immediately and that I, her then Heir and 1st in Line of Succession and President of her Council, would be anointed and crowned as her successor.   I asked Jose’ that night to please re-think her decision and that I, at the end of the year, would come visit her home in Palm Springs and accept her final decision.   Months later my Imperial daughters, Empress Coco LaChine of New York and Empress Milo Angel of San Diego, San Fernando Valley and Eugene traveled with me to Palm Springs to meet Jose’.  I carried with me two proclamations, one renouncing her abdication and the other not only proclaiming me her Heir and Successor but turning over all of her royal authority, privileges, and rights to me as her legitimate Heir and thus the Titular Head of our International Imperial Court System.

To my surprise Jose’ immediately signed the latter proclamation and then preceded to ask me which crown of hers I wished to have and be crowned in, and that she would crown me as Empress II of the Americas and the ceremony would be held in San Diego.  I immediately respectfully told her that there would always be just one Empress of the Americas and then she came up with “Queen Mother of the Americas” for me and all of my successors.  I then selected her small “Queen Victoria” crown and asked her for one of her rosaries.  Jose’ then asked me what my imperial symbol would be and I told her that in her honor my symbol and that of all my successors would be the “Romanov Imperial Double Eagle”.  I then asked Jose’ if she would not crown me in San Diego but in Seattle because then it would be easier for Canadian Nobles to be in attendance.    She agreed, then my daughters Coco and Milo signed Jose’s Imperial Proclamation as royal witnesses.   We kissed her and began our journey back to San Diego.  The next day Empress Remy of San Francisco posted Jose’s Proclamation and the rest is history.

I immediately starting receiving endless phone calls from throughout the kingdoms pledging their loyalty and allegiance.  One of the most important calls I received was from the 1st Empress of All Canada, Mr. ted northe who extended me her love and support. I will always be grateful and humbled by her call, as ted northe is and will always be a historic and legendary gay Icon.  Would all of our Canadian Nobles here with us tonight please stand so that we can give you a proper American welcome.  You honor me and all of us with your presence.  (February 15, 1965 Canada adopted its flag.)

In the 1950’s Senator Joe McCarthy went on a national witch-hunt against Americas who were progressive and liberal.  He also went after homosexuals.  McCarthy came up with the label “Pink Perverted Communist”.  Homosexuals were hunted down throughout the government and military.  Homosexuals were considered deviants, criminals, perverts, insane and many were sent to mental hospitals and prisons.  It was in this dangerous homophobic environment that a World War I Veteran and proud Hispanic man, Jose’ Julio Sarria officially and openly came out of the closet and became an activist who called upon his homosexual brothers and sisters to be proud of who they were and stand up and refuse to be treated like second class citizens.   

In 1961 Jose’ became the first openly gay candidate to run for public office and shook up the political powers and as Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco has said, “Jose’s political campaign was the beginning of true Gay Power”.  As I have said so many times before “Jose’ Julio Sarria is indeed the Rosa Parks of the Gay Rights Movement.

Empress Jose’ planted that royal seed in San Francisco in 1965 and soon saw it grow into a mighty Royal Oak Tree whose branches spread across Canada, United States and Mexico.  Jose’ knew in planting this royal oak tree that she would never see its final growth.  She knew that she would never sit in its shade and see all of its beauty.  But she understood that he who plants trees knowingly will never see all that it covers and is one who truly understands the true meaning of leadership and sacrifice.   

Yes, thirteen years ago Empress I Jose’ on this very Saturday night on Presidents Day Weekend crowned me Queen Mother I of the Americas.   And today I return to Seattle with a royal husband of state and the beginning of our monarchy with two heads of state, His Most Imperial Majesty King Father I of the Americas Mr. Terry Sidie.   I return wearing historic San Francisco monarchs’ medallions of Empress I Jose’ and one of her Empress rings.  These are cherished gifts from my beloved sister and brother from San Francisco, Empress Galilea and Emperor Jerry Colletti, all of which will be passed on to my heirs and successors.

I return to Seattle with happiness for our Canadian brothers and sisters who have faced their own national election against a right wing conservative homophobic agenda that they defeated at the polls.

I return to Seattle as we face an upcoming election that is becoming a national battle for the soul of America.  For we live in a time that children are put in cages.  We live in a time that our transgender sisters are being murdered across the country and the very lives of transgender Americans are trying to be erased.  We live in a time when more and more Americas are living in the streets and homelessness has become a national crisis.   We live in a time when suicide and drug abuse is at an all-time high, especially among our veterans.  Would our veterans and active military here with us this evening please stand, we thank you for your service.   

We are living in a time when walls are being built instead of our American hands being extended out with love and understanding.  We are living in a time when more and more anti LGBTQ legislation bills are being introduced in State Capitals across this nation than ever before.   We live in a time when woman’s rights to control their own bodies are under attack.  Yes, we are living in a time that billions are being spent to see if there is life on the moon or mars but here on earth children and seniors are going to bed every night hungry.  So, I say to you all, what would our beloved Jose’ say and do if she were alive today?   She would say what she was saying in the 1960’s and 70’s, “Stand Up, Speak Out, Fight Back”.

So today on this the fifteenth day of February I proclaim that 2020 will be a priority focus on GLBT Vote 2020 – Out of the Closets and into the Voting Booths!  We will do this in observance of Jose’s 55th Anniversary as the founder of the International Imperial Court System.  Yes, we will join the fight for the soul of America.

Thank you and God Bless to All.

And now it is the honor and privilege for the King Father and Queen Mother to present their first joint proclamation.

Let it be known throughout the Empires and the Great Nations of Canada, United States and Mexico their Majesties and the International Imperial Court Council appreciates the powerful statement to our future that is being made by the rapidly growing number of individual courts who are including and embracing the use of non-binary titles.  Let it be known that their Most Imperial Majesties and the International Court Council support, recognize and encourage the use of non-binary titles throughout the court system.   

We salute the Mother Court of Canada – Vancouver for being the first court to implement this recognition of our new LGBTQ+ generation.

Queen Mother I of the Americas Nicole the Great
King Father I of the Americas Terry Sidie