Baron Nathan Page

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member


Baron Nathan Page

San Francisco, CA

Phone: 415-652-7604

995 Purdue
San Leandro, CA 94579

Nathan Page – National Executive Director

I have been involved with the International Court System since I retired from active duty and moved back to the Bay Area in 2000. I have the honor of having been given permanent titles from the San Francisco Imperial Council, (The Baron protector of the Bird of Paradise Empress) and the San Francisco Ducal Council (Knight Commander of the Royal Empire) I was one of the first members of The International Court System Parliament, in which I believed that it was imperative that for all out courts to succeed we had to begin working together and sharing our ideas. I served as the Prime Minister for 3 years, also during this time I was one of the first non-monarch to be asked to serve on the International Court Council. In 2015 I was elected to the San Francisco Imperial Council board of Directors and then as the Vice Chair. With the untimely passing of our Chairman Emperor Fernando, I was then voted as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the remaining term on the board and current serve as a member of the Board of Directors today. As well as my work with the International Court System I also have been active with other International organizations and non-profits.

In my professional career, I am currently the IT Project Manager with Shorenstein Realty, which I have been employed with for 11 years. I currently manage the IT infrastructure for over 7 Billion dollars in real estate, which included Class A buildings nationwide, some examples of that is the Twitter HQ in San Francisco, the AON Tower in downtown Los Angeles and the Bank of America tower in Atlanta. I also serve on numerous round table and Think Tanks around the Bay Area in regards to technology and sustainability. Previous to my time at Shorenstein I worked for OneLegal where I was part of a team that created the process of filing legal documents on-line. I am also a 10 Year Army Veteran and graduate of the Non Commission Officers Academy.