Emperor Papi Chulo

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member


Emperor Papi Chulo
(Jaime Alaniz)

Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 505-385-8903
Email: jalaniz505@gmail.com

1117 N Exeter Ave
Indianapolis IN 46222

Emperor 19 United Court of the Sandia (New Mexico)

King Father of New Mexico
President of BOD Sovereign Imperial Court of Indiana

Project coordinator for a Global Home Improvement Company. My duties include overseeing 100’s of installs and remodel jobs in our North America, East Coast Markets. I communicate on a daily basis with our retail stores, contractors, and customers. I ensure world class customer service while also ensuring that all issues are resolved in a timely matter. I work hand in hand with Market Directors and Senior Management on a multitude of projects.

Notable Acts

As Emperor 19 & King Father of New Mexico I help rebuilt the foundation on what our court was founded on. With the hard work that my Empress Bunnie and I did, We were able to breathe a new life to our court. We brought in a new younger membership. We built partnerships with many local organizations and businesses.

I have spoken on Trans 101 Panels hosted by the Trans Resource Center of New Mexico, these were held at Universities, Hospitals, and Law Enforcement centers. These served as training to these lines of business on how to properly work/handle trans folks and issues that may arise.

I have help build and nourish the partnership between the court and the local Pride organization in NM, I encouraged my wife Shaila, also a transwoman to run for Ms. Pride and help be that advocate for the 2 organizations.

I have served as Line member, Board President, Vice President, Monarch, and King Father in my 5 years in New Mexico.

I have help organize our Holiday drive that started by helping a few families in the local communities, to now close to 100 people are helped by these strong efforts that grow with every new reign.

We built strong roots in the 3 local Gay Bars left in Albuquerque, making sure we are always supporting and patronize them to assure we have these places for the future of our community.

I helped my Empress Bunnie to help start Pride in small towns in New Mexico, We were a part of the beginning of Roswell, NM Pride.

I took all the hard work and lessons I learned in New Mexico and brought them to Indianapolis, IN to help them build a foundation with guidance and understanding.

One of my greatest honors was to have the faith of my community behind me, nothing means more than that!I thank Nicole The Great Queen Mother Of The America's for the opportunity to work with her and her Council Members in the coming year.