Emperor Rob Surreal

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member
1st Elected Crown Prince of the America's

Emperor 1 of the Columbia Basin
Emperor 26 & 29 Spokane WA
Empress 37 Spokane WA

Emperor Robert Surreal

(Robert Lack III)
Spokane WA

Phone: 509-627-9300
Email: rsurreal@aol.com

PO Box 5697
Kennewick WA 99336

Administrator for a private healthcare group, which provides a behavioral health network, to rural communities. While accepting no public funding, we provide: Chemical Dependency, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, and Family Counseling, in addition to Employment and Housing Assistance throughout Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, and Northern Idaho. I have my Master of Arts Degree in Social Work. In addition I am a WA. State Certified Licensed Counselor, WA. State Certified Chemical Dependency Professional, and a WA. State Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Provider. I have been a Practicing Counselor since 1989.

My duties include grant writing, monitor the changing financial needs of a multimillion dollar nonprofit healthcare group, in conjunction with private for profit agency demands. Monitor clinical needs and maintain adequate staffing for daily service provision. Assure that the corporation maintains strict and accurate adherence to the federal IRS, and corresponding state law, for both non-profit, and private for profit corporate standard. Maintain the financial security and stability needs by obtaining funding as needed thru corporate donations. Provide resolution to continuous personality conflicts within a multidisciplinary staff. Monitor changing corporate needs and speculate up coming patterns to prepare for those changes. Provide team building skills to promote a more productive and cohesive staff, that focuses on the needs of our patient populations.

Notable acts:

Been an avid supporter of Children with Aids, including Camp Starlight. American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, the Log Cabin Society, and Privacy Fund Member.

Started the first GLBT law enforcement support group, in rural south central Washington State.

Assisted with opening the GLBT youth center, by securing their first donations to open the center.

Active in local government:

Previously sat on the Communities Mental Health Board.

Currently sit on the Tri-county dispute resolution and citizens advisory commission.

Worked with local republican leaders to secure their votes for the effort for equality in Washington State. Including marriage equality, anti discrimination laws, healthcare protection.

Played a significant role in the push to make electric shock and behavioral modification treatment for GLBT men and women in Washington illegal.

Developed a community approach to deal with Domestic Violence in GLBT couples with in our community. In addition I am a US educator on Domestic Violence in the GLBT community, as well as a licensed therapist in that field.

Served on the International Court Council for 7 years, 4 1/2 of those years as president of the council.

Emperor 26 & 29 of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane and all eastern Washington, as well as Empress 37. Board member, Court member and supporter. One of my greatest honors was to have the faith of my community behind me, nothing means more then that.

To me the most important things in my life are that I am a Partner, Brother, Son, Court Member and Example to Endure your own pathway!

I thank Nicole The Great Queen Mother Of The America's for the opportunity to work with her and her Council Members in the coming year.