Emperor Scot Fromeyer

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member


Emperor Scot Fromeyer
(Scot Fromeyer)

Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 937-790-0890
Email: safromeyer@gmail.com

7346 Martz-Paulin Rd
Franklin, OH 45005

It is an honor and a privilege to serve Her Majesty, Queen Mother I of the America’s, Nicole the Great as a member of the International Court Council. I look forward to working alongside, learning and continuing the great work the International Court Council has done over the years.

I take great pride in the titles, honors and the awards that I have received. Recipient of the International Royal Order of Jose I, Recipient of the International Royal Order of Emperor Joshua Norton, Member of the Order of the Double Eagle, Royal Son to Queen Mother I of the America’s, Nicole the Great, Imperial Crown Prince of the America’s and the International Court System, Ethics Commission Chairman. Along with Citizen for Life Awards and serving as Half Emperor to New York and Cincinnati.

A member of the Imperial Sovereign Queen City Court of the Buckeye Empire, (ISQCCBE) for 10 years, elected the Silver Jubilee Emperor, Emperor 25, Imperial Crown Prince Royale to Reign 24. Former Board of Directors, Treasurer, and a current College of Monarch’s Member. As Emperor, along with my Empress, we were proud to create new events and create new ways of Fundraising. At the end of Reign 25, together with our membership and community, we raised over $107,000.00.

A Finance Director for Emergency Services for the last 17 years with a Local Government Agency and serving my second term as an openly gay, elected, Public Official for Franklin Township, Ohio. I serve on many local boards and committees, and work hard to make sure our elected officials are fiscally responsible to our local taxpayers.

Born and raised in Kentucky, I crossed the bridge into Ohio after meeting my partner of 19 years and legally marrying in July of 2015. Together, we enjoy traveling, spending time with our families and friends, volunteering in our community and fundraising to help our local charities and community. We have one, beautiful, 3 month old Great Dane, Fiona Grace.