Emperor Steve-O

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member


Emperor Steve-O
(Stephen Marrs)

Herriman UT

Phone: 801-589-6466
Email: stevo801@gmail.com

5261 W Terrabithia Lane
Herriman UT 84096

My name is Stephen Marrs AKA “Stevo” I live in beautiful Ogden, Utah.

So, I wanted to write a bio on me, so you can get to know me and know just how much passion I have for this organization.


I started out in the court system in 2008. I have been on the board of directors for almost 9 years and have loved every minute of it, I have held numerous titles and was Prince 12 and Emperor 14 in Ogden, Utah.

I love traveling to other courts I think I have been to over 50 coronations since I started and have met so many friends and family in different cities, Which I can honestly say the court system is not just about the crowns, drag queens etc. It’s about meeting new people and starting relationships that you never knew existed and seeing how other courts attract new members and talk with them and get ideas.

Personal Life

So about me, I run a successful towing company in the state and have been doing that since I was about 15 years old. My job is very lean ant on time off and that’s why I can travel to so many courts and see the beautiful cities. I have 2 boys AKA “Dogs” Charlie and T-bone and also I have a boyfriend going on 11 years now.

I really would like this opportunity to be a part of this council to reach out even farther and help where I could be of an assistance on a committee – or help with getting the youth back in and keeping them in the court.

I have a lot of passion and drive for this organization and I hope I can show you just how much it means to me.

Thank you,

Stephen Marrs
Emperor 14
Ogden, UT