Empress Leah Way

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Empress Leah Way

Leah Way – Empress XIV, XXX , XXXVI

Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose in Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada

Leah Way has been part of the Court system in Edmonton since the late 80’s, yes that’s 1980’s. Her first title was that of Mz. Gay Edmonton 1 in 1988 as a member of the 12 th Reign Under Millicent. Since that time she has gone on to be Empress of the City three times. She has won many awards and other titles including the Jose Honors in 2016.

Leah is no stranger to hard work and fundraising. Her first reign was at the height of the AIDS pandemic and she was instrumental in fundraising thousands of dollars to support  and spearhead many of the AIDS related activities in Edmonton and around the country. In her role as Empress she has travelled far and wide throughout Canada and the United States, always being an advocate for those in need. Although in recent years much of the front line fundraising opportunities happen without her help she is never far away and is always willing to chip in when and where needed. One of her most recent endeavors is assisting with the Lovegood Food exchange boxes in Edmonton, which have been instrumental in helping feed people in need throughout various Edmonton Communities throughout the COVID pandemic.

Many who know her have said that she is a drag queen with some strong opinions and not afraid to share them but hey which one of us isn’t. In doing so Leah has been a member of her own Courts Board of Directors for many year and has served in every position on the Board at one time or another  including  Member of the College of Monarchs, Minister of Protocol, Ball Coordinator, and various Committee chairs,  always offering her wisdom and opinions whether or not they are wanted

In her personal life Leah has been a servant of the Public Education system in Edmonton for more than 33 years. Most of her career has been spent assisting and teaching children with special needs to gain the skills they need to be able to lead the most fulfilling lives they are able to. Currently as a Program Coordinator for one of the largest school Boards in the country she has a direct influence making school life better for thousands of children every year.