Eugen Maysky

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole The Great
Council Member

Emperor Eugene Maysky, LA Hollywood

Eugene Maysky Bio

Eugene MaySky (Emperor 49, 52 of Los Angeles & Hollywood)

Eugene MaySky is the first Russian Emperor in the Imperial Court system history. He was born in Russia and studied and lived most of his life in the beautiful cities of Saint Petersburg, Russia and Paris, France.


Quoting Queen Mother Nicole, “Eugene represents a new point of view and brings a fresh perspective to the Imperial Court System".


Eugene grew up on air working as a radio and TV journalist hosting popular shows since the age of 8. With time he grew not only to host radio and TV shows but became a writer and producer, and later Head of Music and Programming Director successfully building several radio stations, including the first ever Russian federal dance radio station ‘Radio Record’ that recently celebrated 27 years of success. Eugene help build several TV Production companies and develop and popularize the first international syndication network for legendary MTV Radio broadcasting in 180+ cities all over former USSR territories and Europe. Hosting, writing and producing radio shows like MTV Party Zone, MTV Exclusive, MTV Dancefloor Chart, MTV Big Picture, MTV News, MTV Non-Stop, awards ceremonies and celebrity interviews he helped build the media empire wearing two hats and taking care of the business side of things at the same time creating and executing federal and international advertising campaigns for world renowned brands like Coca Cola, Samsung, Phillips, GSM, Love Is, Sony, Ericsson, Siemens, etc. Taking on both roles of Creative Director and Director of Syndication MaySky managed to get the great success in popularity of syndicated radio shows and financial results.


Eugene's Master’s Degree in journalism and educational background in art and photography, plus his unique editorial perspective propelled him to successfully execute roles of Editors in two acclaimed publications including coveted positions of Editor of Fashion in federal 'A'Propos Magazine' and Editor of Culture in the first Russian fashion magazine 'Dress Code'. Producing top celebrity interviews and fashion editorials, gaining business support across the board, growing audiences with each year, and adopting early to the digital publishing world are only a few goals MaySky achieved during his time as an Editor.


Fashion industry also became his second home as he worked on the Saint Petersburg Fashion Week 'Defile na Neve' for 28 seasons bring to the cultural capital of Russia the most prominent domestic designers and world renowned couturier guests.


But radio and TV were always his first love and after leaving MTV he opened his own production company and launched his syndication network with new radio shows 'Comfort Music with Eugene MaySky' and 'Sunny Island' bringing the new trend of chill-house and luxury lounge music to the million devoted fans and new listeners across all radio waves. At the same time, he continued his work as a screenwriter on a couple of popular TV shows and docu-series.


One of the most important things that needs to be acknowledged is that Eugene has a long history of social activism and fighting for equality that started a long time ago in 1999 when he made a very risky move and became one of the creators and organizers of the first Russian Pride in 1999 'Goluboy Storm'. Billed with top pop stars including EuroVision Contest first ever Trans winner Dana International the concert became a huge sold out stadium success despite mixed reaction from the government and religious groups.


Social justice and serving the community became even more prevalent in MaySky's life in recent years when he had to abandon his life, career, home, family and loved ones and move across the ocean with one suitcase to start his life from scratch in Los Angeles to be able to live freely. He came out in Advocate Magazine and filmed documentary ‘My First Pride’ with the Advocate film crew following him experiencing his first ever Pride.


Introduced to the Imperial Court of LA & Hollywood and President of the Board Karina Samala by a dear friend, longtime Councilmember and Mayor of West Hollywood and Honorary Emperor of ICLAH John Heilman, Eugene right away became a huge part of the organization working hard to improve the life of the local community. In 2018 he became Emperor 49 of Los Angeles and Hollywood and in 2021 he stepped up again to reign as an Emperor 52 to what became one of the most difficult reigns in history of ICLAH with the war in Ukraine and worsening situation for LGBTQIA+ community in Russia bringing many refugees to the Empire. But despite the lack of glamour Eugene managed to lead Reign 52 to Court’s roots and ICLAH went to where it was needed the most - help people in the trenches no matter how tough the work is.


In his day job Eugene works as Tenants Outreach Organizer for a 50-year-old multi-racial, multi-cultural grass-roots community-based non-profit organization assisting, organizing and empowering low- and moderate-income renters in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and all of Southern California - Coalition For Economic Survival (CES). He is fighting for tenants' rights on a daily basis, serving the community and underserved population. Maysky also works in close collaboration with many other non-profits including NCJWLA, JFS, APAIT ssg, Imperial Court, LGBT Center, TransLatin@ Coalition, St. John's Community Health, etc.


Eugene also have been a member / elected chair of the Russian-Speaking Advisory Board to the City Council of West Hollywood for years helping inform policies and decisions influencing community's life in WeHo, where he worked as an electorate consultant during the last four City Council elections.