Ginger Snap-Clemons

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole The Great
Council Member

Empress Ginger Snap-Clemons, Cincinnati, OH

Ginger Snap-Clemons Bio

2023 marks my 30th year involved with the ICS!  Upon coming out I joined every gay organization in Cincinnati.  The Imperial Sovereign Queen City Court and the Tri State Gay Rodeo really seem to fit me best.  In 2020, I finally decided to live my truth and came out as Trans and started HRT.  The outpouring of love and support throughout the ICS has had such an amazing impact in my journey.

As a competitive dancer in the Gay Rodeo System, I enjoyed choreographing dances and being a backup dancer for many of the Courts performers.  Then in 1999 during Reign 8, I was urged to compete in a contest for beginners and was very reluctant.  My presence on the Court stage was never front and center, it was always behind the scenes.  I finally decided that it was only one time so why not just do something a little different than I would normally do for charity.  Ginger Snap was created, she performed and won! That was the end of me serving on the male line ever again.

I have served as Imperial Crown Princess 10, Empress 12 and 21 as well as many positions on our board of directors and traveled to many realms. I previously served on the Council for 2-1/2 years, after which time I left to focus on myself and my personal life for awhile. I look forward to this next chapter is my life and representing Ohio on the Council/


In Service to the Community and the Crown,

Ginger Snap-Clemons

Empress 21 & 12 of the ISQCCBE