J Larry Finch

Heir Apparent to Empress Nicole the Great
Council Member

Emperor J Larry Finch

J. Larry Finch Emperor 41 - United Court of the Lone Star Empire Dallas, Texas
Biographical Information for consideration as Heir Apparent to the Queen Mother of the Americas
I have been serving the Dallas Community since the early 1980’s when AIDS pandemic struck our community with a vengeance. Raising money for those in need within our community a passion for me.
I have been in the United Court of the Lone Star Empire for over 10 years and was a community supporter of the Dallas court for 5 years prior to becoming a member. Prior becoming a member, I worked directly with the Dallas Court through joint events with the Dallas Bears – where I served as President, Vice-President, Community Ambassador, and Producer of Texas Bear Round-Up.
As a Member of the UCLSE, I have held several leadership positions: Sponsorship Chair, Reigning Monarch, Dowager Monarch, Crown Prince Royale and Lifetime Titleholder. I am currently serving my second two-year term as Vice-President. As Vice-President I am responsible for membership care and governing documents and manuals. I have also served as our transportation coordinator and protocol chair for coronation for the past nine years. This past year I served as a co-producer for coronation. Additionally, I will begin my second, two-year term as Vice-President.
As Vice-President, I moderated and facilitated the addition of the ‘Non-Gender Specific’ line titles to our governing documents where we were able to gain unanimous approval by the membership. I helped establish the Membership Care Team as a means of support to our members and all of their needs. This team was established primarily to be there for our members and to support, encourage and assist where we can. During the SARS-COV-2 pandemic this team has become paramount to make sure we stay connected and support one another.
I would like the opportunity to serve the International Court System as an Heir Apparent to further our traditions, legacy and lead boldly forward into the future. My goal would be to serve on appropriate teams for our International Court System initiatives. Additionally, I would like to serve as a resource for local court chapters and communities. The AIDS pandemic took many generations from us far too soon. Thanks to the advancement in medical science many in our community are living longer and becoming part of our “gay-grey” community. I have deep concern and passion for our aging community members and would seek out opportunities to address, recognize and support our seniors. Likewise, the saying is that, “our children is our future.” I equally have a deep passion for introducing our younger community to the court system and the charitable work that we do. We must reach out, share and train new people to carry on our legacy.
I believe that it I takes a Village to succeed. We should work together both as an International Court System and with our other charitable community organizations. We are stronger when we work together.
I have a simple philosophy, The Golden Rule - treat others as you want to be treated. This starts at the top and trickles down to everyone.
Thank for your time and Consideration.
J. Larry Finch Vice-President Emperor 41 United Court of the Lone Star Empire Dallas, Texas, USA
Cell: (817) 727-0119
Email: Emp41dtx@sbcglobal.net
Professional experience: Vice-President, Bank of America, Inc. Risk and Compliance Manager, Bank of America, Inc. Project Management, Brinks, Inc. Branch Manager, VP – Bank One, Inc. Certified SCRUM Master
Community experience: Bear Community Leader Dallas Bears Texas Bear Round-Up Youth Ministry and Touring Music Ministries Mediation and Consulting for Community Groups