The INTERNATIONAL IMPERIAL COURT’S COUNCIL and I am proud to announce the establishment of the INTERNATIONAL FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE BEACON OF LIGHT CITATIONjoining the INTERNATIONAL BETSY ROSS CITATION as our way of acknowledging individuals who are making difference and big contributions during this most difficult time in our world 🌎 While I deeply appreciate all of your kind words about establishing these awards I could not have found these International Honors without the dedication and hard work of some very unselfish individuals.The overwhelming success of the BESTY ROSS CITATIONS has been because of NICOLE DIAMOND and her assistants in KENTUCKY. Today we ate able to launch the FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE CITATION because of the artistic talents of JAYLENE TYME of VANCOUVER, CANADA who drew the art and serves as a NATIONAL CO-CHAIR. Also the outstanding talents of renowned graphics artist CESAR REYES of San Diego. And of course DESTINY CHILDS OF Washington ,D.C. who is also an International Chair of this Project. 🏆 And now to announce the first 5 HONOREES: Michael Reese(MISTY BLUE) of San Francisco this year marks two decades of being in the health field and not only is in the frontlines battling COVID-19 but serves on the board of a non-profit LGBTQ organization.Misty dedication inspired me to establish this award. 🏆 LORENE STELMARCH has been in healthcare for over 45 years and is now a managing NURSE and also volunteers for non-profits and is a leader in his community in Edmonton,Canada 🏆 JOSHUA LIPPINCOTT has been in health care almost all his life a when this San Franciscan heard the desperate call for nurses in NEW YORK he immediately went and is still there now….a true hero. 🏆CHARLES ROZANSKI (Betty Pages) this successful Colorado business person has been giving and helping others ALL his life.A leader in the acclaimed FEEDING DENVER’S HUNGRY which now has reached over 50,000 in the last 2 months.He is also the INTERNATIONAL co-chair of the COMICS FOR KIDS PROJECT and has donated thousands of books. As you see the honoree does not have to be just in the medical field. 🏆 DUSTIN D. COBWEBS B. CHILDS has been in the health field for16 years and is a NURSE in a VIRGINIA hospital were she has been quarantined twice already due to being exposed to a patient’ with COVID-19. She is also a strong advocate for women’s rights.Congratulations to our first HONOREES. For further information and how to nominate contact: EMPRESS2DESTINY@GMAIL……or JAYLENETYME @GMAIL….or NICOLEMRSD1@GMAIL.COM…… Thank you and GOD BLESS you All.🙏

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